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Carologist is a team of certified, experienced and motivated mechanics that use their expertise to repair your vehicle and make it run more efficiently.

Our Story

Our journey started out as boys raised in South Auckland farmlands working in our parent’s rose farming business; your typical Kiwi farmboys! Our first automobile experience was fixing farm vehicles, dad’s CMV and sometimes friend’s high-end cars. Our journey took us to pursue our passion and being employed in top-of-the-line dealerships located in Auckland CBD.

With over 15 years in the mechanical industry, we found how interrupting it was to plan your day around your vehicle’s servicing appointment. That’s how Carologist came to be; our commitment is to give your car TLC whilst you go on about your day. 

Car Servicing Auckland

Routine maintenance is a necessity if you want to drive and enjoy your car with peace of mind. Servicing your car regularly is a preventative measure that saves you from future stress and unforeseen breakdowns. 

Our car servicing package in Auckland covers all the basic checks your car needs to run smoothly. Based on your requirements, you can choose from one of our three car servicing packages. 

For routine checks and basic maintenance, our basic package would meet your need. We will check both the interior and exterior of your car, and advise if anything needs fixing. We can then provide a quote and can attend to anything identified as an issue with the car service. 

For more in-depth car servicing in Auckland, our comprehensive and premium package will meet your requirements. Everything from your car batteries to the engine coolant will be checked and changed where necessary. 

The best part is, we are mobile mechanics in Auckland! We handle both vehicles with peak expertise, so regardless of your vehicle type, we can service it. To keep your car in its best possible shape, schedule a servicing session with us now. We’ll bring the garage to you! We can ring your doorbell, tools in hand ready to work on your car. Our expert mechanics give their all to any and every repair regardless of its make. Confidently go about your activities while we take care of your car. Not sure what you need? Our diagnostic service does the work so we’ll show you what’s wrong and how to fix it. 

Mobile Mechanic Auckland

Having a dedicated mobile mechanic can take away the stress of needing to find a reliable and expert garage in your area. We understand that the thought of a car repair can be tiring. But you don’t have to wait until the last minute to contact a mobile mechanic in Auckland to check your car. Come experience the easiest way to repair and service your car in Auckland. At Carologist, we make the process simple from start to finish, you’ll almost look forward to car repair days.

We service a wide range of models and makes from SUVs to small cars and 4WD, so if you’re looking for a mobile mechanic in Auckland, we’ve got you covered. We provide upfront pricing and an easy scheduling process to make booking super easy.

With the click of a few buttons, we can be ringing your doorbell, tool in hand ready to work on your car. Our expert mechanics give their all to any and every repair regardless of its make. Confidently go about your activities while we take care of your car. Not sure what you need? Our diagnostic service does the work so we’ll show you what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Mobile Mechanic Manakau

Are you in the Manakau area? Are you tired of searching for a trustworthy mobile mechanic in Manakau? You don’t have to look any further! Carologist service vehicles in the Manakau region of Auckland daily! Our years of experience and expertise with different car models make Carologist one of the best mobile mechanics Manakau has ever seen. 

With us, you’ll get premium car care at an affordable rate and of course our assurance that your vehicle will be completely fine! 

You can trust us to deliver excellence at all times regardless of the issue with your car. Right in the comfort of your home, we’ll come with our tools and expertise to restore your vehicle to normal. 

With no call-out fees, plus guaranteed workmanship from our expert team, we unarguably present our clients with the best deals out there. Leave your car needs with the best mobile mechanics in Manakau and go about your activities, we’ve got you! You no longer have to worry about the overhead costs of using a typical garage. 

Mobile Mechanic West Auckland

In the West Auckland region? Mobile mechanics can be the difference between you having a bad day and you having a great day! Carologist is here to help. 

We strive to make everything super easy for every client we work with. 

Leave your car with us and focus on your day, we’ll handle everything and ensure your vehicle is in its best shape. As the best Mobile Mechanic in West Auckland, we assure you that you can tick auto repair off your to-do list once we show up at the scene. 

Get a quote and leave the rest to us! Our experts are always available to help with any auto issues you may have. Mobile mechanics, take the stress out of bringing your car to a garage and waiting for the job to be done. We bring our tools to you so you don’t have to worry, fret or stress. We get the job done!  

Auto Electrician Auckland

As auto electricians in Auckland, we inspect, fix and maintain all the electrical parts of your car so you can enjoy all your drives. Our team is made up of electrical specialists with years of experience fixing a variety of electrical issues. You’ll be back on the road in no time, with perfect air conditioning and heating. 

Many cars that are released into the market rely greatly on electrical systems and advanced technology. We are aware that when these systems malfunction, it can be confusing for some. Electrical issues cannot be fixed by just any auto mechanic; you need a specialist auto electrician and expert. 

The search for an expert auto electrician in Auckland can come to an end. At Carologist, we take the time to work out the issue with your car and come up with an effective way to fix it. We are happy to solve any auto-electrical issues you may have. The best part is, we bring our services to you! You don’t have to stress about coming to us. 

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“Had a great experience with these guys recently. Got a complete oil service done for


“Amazing helpful guys. came out and spent time on my 89 Mitsubishi vr4 diagnosing it"


“On point, excellent workmanship, great customer service and quality work. If your looking for quality"


“These guys had my car sorted really quickly after being off the road for months."

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